Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm here at the outpatient pavilion getting ready to be put under so my surgeon can stretch scar tissue. I think the worst part of this is not being able take Xanax for my anxiety (Linda can appreciate that)

My favorite doctor, dr ennis, is the one doing the procedure so that rocks!! He knows I will fight the sedation because, without fail, I will be obnoxious. For those of you who are sick you know there are those small things we do to entertain ourselves!!

Today is not as big a deal as Friday will be so I'm not too nervous. The only crappy thing is that I have waken up a few times during this procedure and it is the worst feeling in the world. I have stressed to dr ennis that I don't want that to happen EVER again!

They are about to put my iv in and I'm all hooked up so I have to sign off. I hope everyone has a wonderful day :))

Friday, November 4, 2011


Hey everyone, I wanted to apologize for not posting this week. On Monday I went to the hospital and got out yesterday. Then, yesterday afternoon I started going downhill... quickly. Turns out I'm withdrawling from a pain medication called dilaudid that i was on in the hospital.

My doctor told me my weekend will consist of throwing up everything i eat and drink, chills, fever, and hot flashes from hell. I promise I will post a video as soon as I feel a little better. I tried to convince Mattie to write this for me but, due to no success, I am typing this post laying down in my sister, Kristins, bed.

I truly hope everyone is having a much better week and I will talk to you all very soon!!