Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Living the life

Hiiiii everyone :)) I'm baaaack in the hospital. Shocked? Yea, me neither. The last couple of weeks have been really hard and very painful. Mom took me to the ER on Sunday and they ran test, blood work, cultures, and X-rays and everything appeared normal-esque so they gave me pain meds and sent me on my way. On Monday I was feeling so crummy and my mom was insisting she take me back to the ER but I have a huge dr appt in San Diego to start a drug trial and I didn't want to get admitted into the hospital and, in turn, miss that appt at UCSD. She said I could try and get the pain under control while she went to get her hair cut but she really thought I needed to go. I went into the back of the house to change but became extremely dizzy so I walked into Kristin's room to ask her to take me to the er. As soon as I stood up my chest was heavy and I knew I was about to pass out. I walked to her room and told her to call 9-1-1 and then hit the floor. I came to in the ambulance and ladies listen up: If you're ever in a sports bra and sweats if you're going to wake up in an unfamiliar place you want it to be surrounded by 2 handsome firemen paramedics!
Needless to say mom was right... go freaking figure. Downside to the ambulance was having them hold a huge light above my eyes so I wouldn't go back to sleep. Upside to the ambulance I didn't have to wait out in little Mexico for hours to get a room.
Seeing as how it's day two I'm bored out of my mind. I was transferred to the new side of the hospital :)) partially because my roommate had an open wound that had ecoli in it. Yummy, right? With my bad immune system and even worse attitude I can't be around that 😷. Anyways, I'm getting a procedure done around 4 today and I'm PRAYING I'm just in a flare and there isn't liquid/blood build up or a leak. I look about 5 months pregnant (yes, I notified the father. Blair was hesitant at first but she's on board now 😉😍😘)
I will try and keep everyone posted and I am receiving all your texts but I keep my phone on silent with the hopes I can get an hour nap in sometime today. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and if you're feeling down just remember you aren't infested with ecoli!!!

Oh PS for those of you who know my little sissy this will not come as a shock to you but for normal people... well just keep reading. When I woke up in the ambulance they asked the normal questions and after a couple of minutes we were joking around and laughing and one of the paramedics asked "what med school is your sister in?" For whatever reason, whether questions she was asking or just talking about stuff she's learned in classes they thought she was in MED SCHOOL! I laughed and said she's going to nursing school but she still finishing her prerequisites!!! Doogie Doogie Doogie you never seem to amaze me. Hi Brian! Hi mama and daddy! Love you guys! Oh and bring me juicy fruit and big red. I'm in the hospital so you have to be nice to me 😊

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Im Back!

Hi everyone!!!! Here is a quick update on everything that is happening in the wonderful world of MY crohns! Bon appetit!