Saturday, December 3, 2011

Family Time


  1. You made me cry, Nic. I think I cried because I know how much I love my family too. Heck, you ARE my family :) I promise to keep you in my prayers and I can only hope that I can be half as wonderful as you are. Thank you for blogging. I always enjoy hearing your voice. Love you, Nic.

    xoxo Ang

  2. Nichola-It's comforting to see that you really ARE human! Don't you ever be afraid to let people know how you're really feeling. If they're any true friends, they're asking because they really care and they want to know. You shouldn't feel that you always have to be the one that's funny or the one to make people laugh. It's great that you have someone, (your dad) who makes you laugh so much, but you ARE human, you have feelings-whether they be happy, sad, good, bad, you feel what you feel. There are times that we should all put on a happy face, but you need to allow yourself "downtime" as well. It's no wonder you get exhausted sweetpea! How wonderful that you have a great loving family and extended family and that you greatly appreciate what you have! Loves!