Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back to the ER

After leaving last night around 10 I got a phone call from the hospital saying come back...

My Picc line got infected so they had take it out and put another one. After 5 attempts with a needle the size my pinky they finally placed a new line in and we thought it was going to be smooth sailing. Syke!!

Due to my Crohns I am very prone to infections so I should have seen this comin. Upon calling the radiologist a few choice words it was finally over.

The nurse I have today is an absolute angel. She is keeping me medicated and happy... which is exactly what I needed! Daddy likes her because she loves talking about sports!! Mom is still not here because of her vacation but I have a feeling she is testing the speed warning on her beemer!!

I am about to get more medicine so it's time to nap!

Ps photo by Thomas R. Clift


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  2. Lovely photo! I'll be looking the same way in about 18 hours, I'll have Matt take some phots and post them. Come see me next week if you're up to it. PB

  3. Hang in there Nich! love ya, hope u feel better soon!

  4. You're a champ. Hard to believe the weekend you had :( love you, EVERYDAY!