Saturday, October 22, 2011

ER Surprises

Er rooms really are like no place in the world. I am currently laying on a bed in one at St. Joes and it's hell. Even though I know I will feel a lot better once I get the medication but laying here in agony sucks.

I am usually in here for stomach pains and that is sort of the case as well. Not only is my stomach on fire, but my Picc line is now infected. If it's not one thing with me.... It is certainly going to be two other things.

When I called my doc to tell him my stomach was hurting and my arm was pussing I heard one hell of a heavy sigh. He is used to the pain but I can't afford to lose this Picc line!! The other arm is still clotting so I've run out of options. If I don't gain weight then my surgery will be pushed off even more!

I am positive my mom is going nuts not being here with me. She is in the mountains with her girlfriends. I told my dad not to come because I didn't think they'd put me in a room so he is not here either. My boyfriend, Mattie, is sitting here with me playing games, which is the only ways we know to entertain ourselves!!

The only good thing about being here is the other "sickies" can be totally crazy. Without a doubt there will always be the loud Hispanic family of 13, the druggy who gives suggestions to the nurses about what pain meds she should give him, and the first timer who looks like she wants to pee herself.

I'm signing off with the hopes that a doctor will come in soon. If not, I'll give Mattie the medication... We have been here so many times he knows just what to do! Adios!

Ps the picture is a glimpse of the beautiful view I will have for the next couple of hours!!

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