Monday, October 24, 2011

Take 3: back in the ER

So I'm back in here because of stomach pain and bleeding. Though my symptoms are severe my biggest complain is the gown!

When I was little I use to refuse to wear it and the nurses thought it was kind of cute and sassy so they didn't make me. Now that I am a "big girl" if you don't put the gown on you don't get much help.

There are companies that sell you comfortable hospital gowns at reasonable prices but you aren't allowed to bring your own attire. It does not make sense to me... The more comfortable the patient the more easy going we are. If you are going to poke and prod us at least let us be cozy.

Not only is it made out of a stiff material it smells as if it ha been in a musty closet for the last century. My mom gave me lotion to rub all over my hands, arm, and neck so that I smell like 'moonlight path' instead of musty crap!

For those of you who have been following my blog you heard me right!! My mon is back! The last two days have been hell for both of us (me because of pain and her because she hasn't been here with me). Anyways, she is here in her chair, with her phone and iPad ready to attack the doctor when he comes in. Matt is also here and ready to make fun of the goofy things I say after they give me medicine.

Real quick before I sign off I want to praise God that Pat Bockenstette has a wonderfully successful surgery. He is Matt's dad and my partner in crime when it comes to the medical world!! I'm proud of you Patricia and this healing process is going to be a bitch but you'll pull through!

The following picture is my mighty team!! Have a fabulous day :)


  1. Awwww Nichola-I'm so sorry to see you going thru this never-ending struggle. Its so refreshing to see you handle it with such a great attitude! That makes all the difference in the world! Please don't ever change. Prayers for you sweetpea!
    Stacey Morgan

  2. I always knew you had some stuff goin on with your stomach via Daniel Luna, but I never really pried enough to know the extent of the damage. This blog really opened my eyes. I know we never really knew one another, but stay strong and I'll put your in my prayers :)

    -Alex Sirakoff

  3. Nichola, You have me in tears due to your continuing struggle one minute... and hysterical laughter the next. The fact that you are able to find the humor in all of this is just beautiful. Your blog is quite often the most inspiring part of my day. Rock on pretty girl and stay strong!


  4. You are some kind of amazing. <3

    ps gianna wants her headband back.